A New Era in Automated Timekeeping

As digital technology has advanced, companies have benefitted from a variety of systems that have supported their efforts to drive efficiencies throughout their business. For example, the use of faster broadband and processing speeds has allowed more work to be completed in a single business day. Furthermore, video conferencing has transformed communication between internal sites and external clients, bringing groups together instantly within a single location from anywhere in the world.

A further evolution has occurred in the workplace, as more employers have embraced flexible labour, yet error prone timesheets and anachronous clocking systems still exist, preventing them from controlling labour costs and maximising workforce productivity. Thankfully there is a way to reduce wasted time and improve the time spent on productive activities. Automated timekeeping is here and powerful time-tracking data is the answer.

Whilst many systems are built around generic software and tools, there are some truly unique options just like Insight247 from EasyRecruitUK. We have created a system which is client-centric and designed to benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as being user friendly and available at a low cost of entry. The most exciting part of our system is that it reduces costs in every business that uses it, freeing up capital to grow the business and invest elsewhere.

Advantages of Time Management Software

1. Access Anywhere/Anytime

Imagine having access to all the information you need at the touch of a button. No matter what time of day it is or wherever you are you can tap straight into the system and see what’s happening back at site. This is because Insight247 is a cloud based system developed over the past ten years using innovative, next generation tools.

2. Online Records

Imagine the worst possible unannounced audit coming your way. Perhaps it’s from your biggest client, the HMRC, Sedex, BRS, HSE, EFSIS or one of the other governing bodies that your business relies upon. Access to records is integral and you can be sure they’ll need to check something specific such as the training records and full traceability of an employee. Online all in one place!

3. Budget Control

This is where Insight247 truly comes into its own and puts other systems to shame. Unlike the traditional way of getting your costs and invoices ten days after work is completed, with our system you can access daily costs, real-time as they happen.

4. Site Security

State of the art technology will make sure that every employee is provided with a unique number and the outline of their handprint will be matched with the company’s records before they can sign in. Now we know who we have on the premises and that everyone is where they should be.

Insight247 has intelligence to prevent and highlight any illegal workers. It will block them from accessing the system and will ensure you do not have any unauthorised workers with expired Visas on-site.

5. Payroll and Invoicing

Automated from start to finish, get clean and clear records from day one. Like virtual self-billing, no pens and no papers are needed, everything is online, saved, stored, backed up and easy to retrieve.

Benefit from an invoicing data centre which stores every invoice and timesheet ever raised, giving you every detail you need from when it was approved to who it was approve by. No more need for credit control, payroll of hours or searching for invoices or timesheets, it’s all there in front of you – on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Plus much, much more ..

Create a fresh start for your business, a brand new way of doing things – one that saves money rather than wasting it, one that automates manual processes to save you time and one that is the envy of the marketplace. The only system which offers everything you need in one place.

Why not contact us for a demo today and let us show you many more ways to save money and enable your business to grow and prosper.

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