Training and Development in the Workplace

Over the years, training and development in the workplace has changed tremendously. In years gone by, whole days could be spent in a classroom with a dedicated tutor and other delegates. New ways of learning have also made use of the latest technology, with e-learning becoming more common.

Training and development has always been a vital element of running any business, but why do some companies place a low priority on developing their people?

There’s a famous story of two managers, discussing training options. One asked, ‘What happens if we invest in our people and they leave us?’. To which the other replied, ‘What happens if we don’t and they stay?’.

If you dedicate time and effort to develop individuals, you will witness positive growth and productivity. Training helps employees to fix any issues that they may have within their role. By using training, you can ensure that every single employee is on the same page and knows how to reach their goals within your company. Without training, it’s more likely that work will be completed to a much lower standard and workers will lack motivation.

Learning style basics

Training and development can be achieved through very many different methods. different people are suited to different forms of training and learning. In fact there are 3 broad styles when it comes to learning and you will likely identify with one more than the rest:

  • Visual (seeing and visualising)
  • Auditory (listening and speaking)
  • Kinaesthetic (doing, touching and experiencing)

People‘s learning style will greatly affect what type of training plan works for them.

Is e-learning the solution?

Done in the right way, e-learning can be an interactive and engaging experience for the user and is better suited to most learning styles. ‘Death by Powerpoint’ can be avoided.

Considering that traditional training events can be a costly exercise and difficult to arrange, e-learning can save you time and money. For those businesses who have found it difficult to measure the immediate impact of training on their delegates and measure their understanding, online training offers some significant advantages:

Online 24/7. Delegates can study at a time and place that’s convenient.
Easy Access. Training can be delivered via a Laptop, Tablet and even Mobile.
Testing. Integrated records and certificates to demonstrate knowledge and achievements.


Training and development is still as important as ever. With more efficient options available now, perhaps now is the right time to switch to a dedicated resource for workplace learning and personal development. One which provides support, online tools and training; to help your employees gain new skills, improve their work opportunities and be more efficient in their current role.

For further information or a FREE Consultation to address training in your business, contact EasyRecruitUK today on 03300 04 05 06.


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