Mindset is half the battle at interview

You have sent your CV, tick. You have managed to secure an interview, tick. You have had your suit/dress dry cleaned, tick. OK you are ready to go. You know they like you otherwise they wouldn’t be meeting you. You’re a hard worker, dedicated and absolutely perfect for the job. There‚Äôs just one small problem … interviews turn you into a jelly like state!

Fear not, help is at hand and you will be pleased to know that you’re not the only one.

Half the battle with an interview is controlling your mindset and being able to manage your anxiety and adrenalin that kicks in when you put yourself in a situation that potentially makes you feel uncomfortable. Being able to manage all of this will help your performance. You can either let the interview take control of you or you take control of the interview; channelling all those nerves into an energy that helps you put in a performance you will be proud of and leaves the interviewer with no option but to hire you.

What can help?

  • Make sure you do a test run in the lead up to your interview at the same time your interview would be. This will make you feel at ease on the morning of the interview as you know exactly where you’re going and how long it will take.
  • Make sure you arrive at your interview destination in good time and I would suggest going into reception 10-15 minutes prior to your interview. This will give you chance to gather your thoughts, possibly get a drink of water, use the bathroom and know that you are now at least at the interview destination.
  • Your nerves will have built up on the way and may be at their peak now that you are in reception, but this is your time to breathe and gather your thoughts. Breathing is key, slow it down and reduce your blood pressure. Take deep breaths and focus on why doing well in this interview is so important. Remind yourself that you’ve prepared and have all the skills and experience for this job.
  • Keep in mind that whilst you are meeting someone who could have a significant impact on your career aspirations, it’s their priority to check how suitable you are for their opportunity, they are not there to ask trick questions which won’t help them achieve that. They are curious and consider you as a strong potential candidate, otherwise they wouldn’t be meeting you. No matter how senior they may be, they are just another human being doing their job.
  • The interview time has arrived and the interviewer walks in. Stand up and with good eye contact shake their hand. This will also put you at ease, because it has shown confidence and you will feel more confident having had that eye contact. It’s okay to get into some small talk about the weather or traffic, as long as it’s brief and makes you both feel at ease.

That’s it, you are now in the interview and you are well on the way to securing that job and it only took a few tweaks for you to change your mindset.

How do you manage your anxiety before an interview? Let us know in the comments below!


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