Insight247: It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s brilliant.

Exciting times are here right now after Insight247 launch further advancement in industry leading software.

Insight247 integrates the latest generation of software with a complete new front end and user interface.

As a leading provider in workforce management systems, we have launched an exciting new and enhanced range of reporting software, within the latest generation of Insight247’s online portal.

Insight247 has been providing leading edge software to the recruitment industry and SME businesses for the past 8 years which includes time management, budgetary control, audit protection, complete traceability, automated invoicing and easily accessible record keeping, all real-time and available 24/7.

The enhanced User Interface modernises the product whilst adding new exciting features that are representative of the original product in a slicker more responsive application. The new design offers improved ease of use, whilst retaining the complexity of the most advanced software in workforce planning and management.

Get better control of your costs, reduce the admin burden and watch how automation changes the way you do business.

‘We have been amazed by how much time we have saved doing timesheets, checking invoices and chasing up paperwork of our agency workers.’

National Textiles business based in Scotland

‘We thought because we had hand scanners, we already had a good system. Then we realised it is the software that does the magic not the handscanner – Insight is absolutely brilliant, we have now purchased and licenced the product for own employees.’
Confectionary business based in the North West

‘Automation and technology in the recruitment industry seemed stagnant until we had a demo of Insight247. The reports and availability of information has changed the way we use flexible labour.’
Global Manufacturer in Yorkshire

For more information call 0113 858 2008 or email

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