Falling in Love with Recruitment Agencies

While you were perhaps enjoying your candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day, it may have seemed a little strange to think about falling in love with your recruitment agency. What we’re really talking about here, of course, is finding the agency, like the love in your life, that is a perfect match. A business that is just for you and can help you develop a deeper kind of relationship.

That goes for whether you are a business looking for high quality employees on a regular basis or an individual who wants a recruitment agency that can deliver a reliable service tailored to your needs.

Finding a Match

Of course, as in any relationship, finding the perfect match is something we’re all looking for but few of us ever achieve. While there’s no real thing in reality, ensuring sure your chosen recruitment agency matches your goals and needs as much as possible is the next best thing.

For example, if you are a company looking to attract top talent, you will want to find an agency that knows about your industry and is able to focus on finding those kinds of individuals who will make a difference. If you are looking for employment, then you’ll need an agency that’s working for you, helping you find jobs in the right industries but also advising you and providing essential training that increases your chances of progressing whatever your aims.

Building a Relationship

At the heart of this is not just finding the right agency that fits your industry or individual needs. It’s about building a relationship that works and flourishes over time. That means you want your agency to be interested about you and not just how working with you benefits them in the short term.

Let’s say that you are looking for a more flexible workforce that you can call on and use when you need them – perhaps when you head into a busy period such as Christmas. Is your agency preparing for this time and making sure they have the staff available, ready to go? Do they understand the calibre of staff you are looking for, the cost impact to your business etc?

Building business relationships is all about people. You’ll want to get to know individuals and create a rapport with them that lasts over time. You don’t want someone different every time you call. You want that agency to provide value added extras that take the pressure off you as a business. For instance, do they provide training, good systems and processes and are people ready and available to be hired at exactly the right time?

The reason that many clients stay with one recruitment agency is that they know they are getting a good service and have built up that trusting relationship. There’s plenty of competition out there so it pays good recruitment agencies to make sure that costs are kept down and clients get exactly what they need. That also means ensuring employees get all the support and training they need and can earn a decent wage while companies get quality staff who are primed and ready to go.

All that doesn’t happen easy, as we know at EasyRecruitUK. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK we understand that a relationship built on mutual admiration, integrity and trust works the best, lasts longer and creates a real partnership

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