Financial Planning:

"We were approached by one of the multiples for a piece of business that we know would increase the nightshift by 8%. Knowing our product costs, we were then able to use the insight247 system to go back 6 months and calculate our labour costs, allowing us to forecast effectively for the business utilising the flexible labour." - Bakery Client, Production Director

Flexible Resource:

"Sitting round a table with 14 other Regional Managers, although my use of flexible/contingent labour is vastly greater than my colleagues, my labour costs were 2% lower than the nearest of my peers. Without 50% of my labour being contingent staff, I wouldn't have made a profit in the first quarter as fixed staffing costs would not have allowed me to have my staffing mirror my production." - Laundry Client, Regional Manager

Dedicated Client Service Manager:

"Having a dedicated Client Service Manager who is totally focused on delivery and fulfilling our requirements is exactly what we need as he not only gets close to the business needs being on-site, but has actively sought and resolved problem areas that we have struggled with in the past. The processes and procedures have put in place only underline this strong delivery model. A breathe of fresh air to deal with." - Kitchen Manufacturer, Manufacturer Manager

Real-Time Information:

"At first we were skeptical about logging in to the ERUK system but have been blown away by the benefits. The fact that I can log-in from anywhere from my phone to authorise a time sheet or pick up real-time costs per person or per day or shift is fantastic allowing great control of the financials. I can even see who is on the shift in real time! We were so impressed, we have asked if we can have this system for our own staff which is going ahead. Great stuff. Glad I'll never see another paper time sheet!" - Shower Manufacturer, Site Manager

Audit Protection:

"Being in the food industry we are no strangers to audits. The information provided by the ERUK system at our fingertips allows us to answer any auditor questions there and then, as all the information is in front of us. The contract, GLA certificate, all historical orders as well as candidate inductions, proof of right to work and training records. No waiting for information to be scanned whilst an auditor asks me another question. It has helped us a lot and is a great benefit especially in an audit to have it all there. Thank you!" - Confectionary Manufacturer, HR Manager

Flexibility & Efficiency:

"Easyrecuituk is fantastic to work with. They brought new ideas, attracted personnel that we have struggled for years to find and, most importantly, significantly reduced our labour costs, allowing us to meet our seasonal needs more effectively." - Clothing Company, Operations Director

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