Osborne Announces Budget – What Could it Mean to You?
Alan KerrJune 23, 2015
Last month Chancellor George Osborne announced the date for his budget – 8th July – and yes, you’d be right in thinking that this is the second budget this year. But this is an emergency financial statement following the Conservative success at last month’s election, with the plan to follow...
7 Tough Interview Questions and How To Answer Them
Milton KellyJune 5, 2015
Picture the scene: You have spent many hours preparing for interview and have identified all the possible questions you could be asked by the interviewer. You believe you are fully prepared to tackle any question they may throw at you…. It’s the day of the interview. You meet with the...
Mindset is half the battle at interview
Milton KellyMay 22, 2015
You have sent your CV, tick. You have managed to secure an interview, tick. You have had your suit/dress dry cleaned, tick. OK you are ready to go. You know they like you otherwise they wouldn't be meeting you. You're a hard worker, dedicated and absolutely perfect for the job. There’s just one...
How to stand out in a group interview
Milton KellyMay 1, 2015
You walk into the building confident and fully prepared to tackle all aspects of the interview. As you reach the reception area to confirm your attendance and sign in, out of the corner of your eye a number of other individuals waiting patiently. You can’t help but feel a sense of panic as it now...
What to Do & Not to do in a Telephone Interview
Milton KellyApril 23, 2015
Blogs, Google Searches, Books… there is plenty of readily available content for you to prepare for an interview but there are some very basic mistakes which candidates continually make before, during and after a telephone interview. Candidates always ask “which is the most important interview...
7 Things You Should Never Include In Your CV
Milton KellyMarch 17, 2015
“We’re sorry to inform you that you have not been successful on this occasion.” The daunting words that no job seeker wants to hear. Do you ever wonder why your CV has been rejected in the application stage? Sometimes we don’t realise that our CV is just not good enough to make it through...