The way we do things starts with the way you do things.

What we mean by that is, instead of asking you to adopt our systems, we take the view that you will have perfectly good ones of your own. So rather than ask you to fit in with us, we have the flexibility to work around you.

We can provide best practices, as well as advice and guidance workshops from our extensive client portfolio.

Working this way tells us a lot about you and what matters to you as an organisation, how you prioritise, and what your recruitment needs are likely to be. This way we can provide real value and support and integrate into your business to achieve optimum results, ultimately saving you time and money.

Retain the best of what you have and with our infrastructure and measurement you will see how things can get so much better. 


Site Manager
Shower Manufacturer

"At first we were skeptical about logging in to the ERUK system but have been blown away by the benefits. The fact that I can log-in from anywhere from my phone to authorise a time sheet or pick up real-time costs per person or per day or shift is fantastic allowing great control of the financials. I can even see who is on the shift in real time! We were so impressed, we have asked if we can have this system for our own staff which is going ahead. Great stuff. Glad I'll never see another paper time sheet!"

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