Our clients say the differences between us and our competitors are:

  • Competitors have a branch network increasing end user costs.
  • Don’t provide the information you want, when you want it, in a form you can use.
  • Make invoicing time-consuming, complex, and aggravating.
  • Take a couple of hours replacing someone who hasn’t turned up.
  • Are all about making money, and avoid real issues such as PAYE.
  • Take no responsibility for training.

At EasyRecruitUK, we understand you know how to use your systems, and we adapt ours to the way you conduct business by:

  • Giving you ongoing access to the data we have, whenever you want it, to suit your business needs.
  • Automating our invoicing systems, to correlate with all the other information and provide 24/7 access.
  • Providing replacements for workers who don’t show up, in an average of 46 minutes.
  • Measuring our worth by the value we provide clients, including transparency about PAYE.
  • We have a malleable training platform offering internal and external training to both our flexible workforce and our clients.

We fully understand the need for a true return on your investment, and aim to be a mutually beneficial partner to clients looking to take a more holistic view.


Operations Director
Clothing Company

"EasyRecruitUK is fantastic to work with. They brought new ideas, attracted personnel that we have struggled for years to find and, most importantly, significantly reduced our labour costs, allowing us to meet our seasonal needs more effectively."

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