More than most businesses, we appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into training staff, the costs that go into that process, and finding and equipping premises to base them. We have worked tirelessly and now have a better use for that kind of investment.

Rather than spend lots of money on a large network of offices, we've invested in our people and our unrivaled software system. This allows you to track the key data that you are interested in, whether that's the records of the people we're providing you with, any aspect of the costs they incur, quality control, and much more.

You have the capability to use this system through any device, giving you the freedom to access information at anytime. As a business we would rather have a market leading resource available for all to use that makes a real difference to your business. We believe that money is better spent on tools that benefit our clients and our people.

We are at the forefront of technology and have a market leading online training system that's a key part of our strategy for upskilling people and retaining a stronger, flexible workforce. 


HR Manager
Confectionary Manufacturer

"Being in the food industry we are no strangers to audits. The information provided by the ERUK system at our fingertips allows us to answer any auditor questions there and then, as all the information is in front of us. The contract, GLA certificate, all historical orders as well as candidate inductions, proof of right to work and training records. No waiting for information to be scanned whilst an auditor asks me another question. It has helped us a lot and is a great benefit especially in an audit to have it all there. Thank you!"

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