What would Brexit mean for UK trade deals?
Alan KerrJune 21, 2016
For many, the EU referendum to be held on 23 June is largely dependant on how Brexit could potentially affect UK trade. The UK has long-been a powerful symbol of trade power and the uncertainty surrounding exporting plus the potential impact on investment is worrying many voters. David Cameron,...
Brexit: Are UK Employment Rights at Risk?
Alan KerrJune 16, 2016
Just twenty years ago, there was no such thing as a right to paid holiday, a limit of the hours workers could work, or prevention on the discrimination of religion or disability when hiring. This shows just how much UK employment rights have improved in just a short time but how much of this was...
How might Brexit affect British firms and their workers?
Alan KerrJune 9, 2016
The conversation surrounding Britain and its future relationship with the European Union has been around for a while, but much of the present debate is centered on the effect that Brexit, as it is called, may have on both British firms and their workers. Any brief analysis of the topic is hotly...