Playing music in the workplace: Is it essential?
Alan KerrSeptember 29, 2015
It is no secret that music acts as a significant motivational and encouraging tool in a variety of fields. Several top athletes rely on the power of music before competing and more relaxed industries, such as beauty and media acknowledge the impact that music can have on mood. It is therefore not...
Strange Workplace Rules
Alan KerrSeptember 22, 2015
Some workplace rules are determined by law, others are industry specific and some are set by department bosses, but not all seem realistic or sensible. There are a variety of quirky rules that employees have ridiculed their workplaces for embracing, as found online. Here are a selection of some of...
How much has the new pension scheme cost your business?
Alan KerrSeptember 15, 2015
The introduction of the government’s auto-enrolment scheme for pensions will see great changes for thousands of UK businesses in the coming years. By 2018, millions of current workers who are not currently receiving workplace pensions, will be automatically enrolled into savings schemes. They...