Equal Pay – Be Smart and Review
Ian WilkinsonJuly 28, 2015
Do a similar job with the same risks, and the same responsibilities, and you’d expect to get the same pay as your colleague – yes? No, not always and that’s where the Equality Act 2010 and the Equal Pay Statutory Code of Practice comes in to play. When the Act was implemented, many companies...
Does your Supply Chain Meet Ethical Trading Standards?
Ian WilkinsonJuly 22, 2015
The need to be ‘green’, the emphasis on ethics and corporate responsibility, the desire to be environmentally-friendly and sustainable, the development of CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies; the need for ethical trading standards has become even more important following the Rana...
Retailers: Are your staffing plans ready for Christmas?
Ian WilkinsonJuly 15, 2015
You’re thinking it’s only the middle of July, summer is in full swing; why are we talking about Christmas now? Forgive us for mentioning this festive period at such an early stage in the year but if we don’t highlight the problem many retailers suffered in staffing levels last year, history...
Are You Sick of Workers being Off Sick?
Ian WilkinsonJuly 7, 2015
You arrive at work and yet again, a colleague has called in sick leaving you to pick up their workload. In some industries, such as manufacturing or food production, there appears to be a never-ending stream of workers calling in sick but in reality, sickness levels in the UK have dropped.According...
The Age of Robots – Will They Take Your Job?
Ian WilkinsonJuly 1, 2015
If you’re a Sci-Fi fan then you will already be familiar with the vision of a futuristic world of robotics doing the majority of our jobs. If you’re an optimist, you may well be able to see a future for yourself in that world; if you’re not, recent published studies and news may well be...