Flexible Labour: Who’s better? The UK or the US?
Alan KerrJune 25, 2015
The US and flexible labour have been synonymous since the 1970s; America has long been considered the model of flexibility but as the turnover of flexible workers continues to decline from 33.5% of the US’s workforce in 1999 to just 24% in 2010, the fluidity of labour is changing. This could be...
Osborne Announces Budget – What Could it Mean to You?
Alan KerrJune 23, 2015
Last month Chancellor George Osborne announced the date for his budget – 8th July – and yes, you’d be right in thinking that this is the second budget this year. But this is an emergency financial statement following the Conservative success at last month’s election, with the plan to follow...
Is the Weather Affecting your Productivity?
Alan KerrJune 12, 2015
Productivity leads to growth, which leads to success and profits; to employers, their staff are the driving force behind productivity – achieving the maximum level of work in the minimum of time frames. But there is one element that can affect productivity and that’s the good old British...
7 Tough Interview Questions and How To Answer Them
Milton KellyJune 5, 2015
Picture the scene: You have spent many hours preparing for interview and have identified all the possible questions you could be asked by the interviewer. You believe you are fully prepared to tackle any question they may throw at you…. It’s the day of the interview. You meet with the...
Flexible Labour: Why the UK has an Advantage Over Europe
Alan KerrJune 3, 2015
According to the World Economic Forum (September 2014), the UK is a leader in the flexible labour market; in fact, our job market is in the WEF’s Top 10 for global competitiveness in respect of adaptability to economic fluctuations, outsmarting Europe quite significantly and a key factor in...