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           The law on workplace Pensions has changed.  The Government have introduced an Automatic enrolment scheme which is compulsory to
           help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work.

           As an employer, we have a duty to help employees save for their retirement.    We are required by Law to automatically enrol certain
           workers into a Pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

           All employers in the UK must make sure they are able to comply with their new duties from their staging date.  By the year 2018, all UK
           employers  will  operate an  auto-enrolment  scheme.  EasyRecruitUK's  staging date  was  1st  January  2014  and  as  from  this  date,  auto-
           enrolment is operated in compliance with the Pensions Act 2008.


           Eligible Jobholders

           Eligible  jobholders  will  be  automatically  enrolled  into  the  workplace  pension  scheme,  if  they  are  not  already  active  members  of  a
           workplace  pension  scheme  that  meets  a  set  of  minimum  standards.  The  employer  must  make  pension  contributions  to  the  pension
           scheme and the worker may also have to contribute. Workers who do not want to join the scheme may opt out for a three year period.
           But, employers are required to continue automatically enrolling eligible workers who’ve opted out, every three years.

           To be eligible for auto-enrolment, you must be;
                  • at least 22 years old;
                  • not yet at State Pension age;
                  • have qualifying earnings payable by the employer in the relevant pay reference period that are above the earnings trigger for
                    automatic enrolment
                  • Normally working in the UK under contract of employment

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