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           Client Company Vehicles

           The Company takes all reasonable steps to ensure that you are qualified and willing to undertake any duties that the Client has informed
           us will be required. This includes ensuring that where you may be required to drive a client Company vehicle you have the appropriate
           driving  licence.  Should  you  be  requested  by  the  Client  to  undertake  any  driving  duties  you  must  contact  your
           Supervisor or Account Manager before doing so in order that we may make the appropriate checks (refer to Company Vehicles Policy
           within this document).

           Capability/Client Complaints

           The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are capable of performing the requirements of your assignment, prior to
           placing  you  with  a  Client.  However,  should  a  Client  identify  that  you  are  not  capable  of  performing  the  assignment  to  the  standard
           required; the Company reserves the right to remove you from the assignment and seek to place you elsewhere.
           Any complaint received from a Client with regard to your conduct and or capabilities will be dealt with appropriately and may be dealt
           with through the Disciplinary Process, which could lead to the termination of your assignment and/or employment.

           Private Activities

           Neither the Company nor its Client’s premises and/or equipment may be used for the sale, promotion, display or exchange of literature,
           pamphlets  or  goods,  whether  for  charitable,  political,  commercial  or  other  purposes  unless  by  prior  written  agreement  of  an

           A breach of this rule may result in disciplinary action being taken against you.

           Personal Property

           The Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to employee’s personal property.
           You are advised not to bring valuable items on to the Company or its Clients premises.

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