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           Conduct on Assignments

           The Company’s ability to offer you suitable assignments depends on our continued reputation for quality and reliability. It is therefore
           important  that  as  an  employee,  you  conduct  yourself  in  a  professional  manner  at  all  times  and  adhere  to  the
           requirements within this Handbook on each and every assignment.

               •   Whilst on assignment, you will be required to co-operate with the Client’s reasonable instructions and accept the direction,
                   control and supervision of any responsible person in the Client’s organisation.
               •   You will be required to observe any relevant rules and regulations of the Client’s organisation (including normal hours of
               •   You must not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the interests of the Company or any of its Clients.
               •   You must not at any time divulge to any person, or use of your own or any other person’s benefit, any confidential
                   information relating to the Client’s or the Company’s employees, business affairs, transactions or finances.
               •   You should take all responsible steps to safeguard your own health and safety and that of any other person who may be
                   present or be affected by your actions whilst working on an assignment. It is essential that you comply with the Health and
                   Safety policies and procedures of the Client that you are assigned to.

           Client Equipment

           All equipment and items supplied to you by either the Company or its Clients must be returned to the respective party upon completion
           of the assignment or termination of your Contract of Employment or earlier if requested to do so.

           Whilst working on an assignment, any equipment supplied to you for use during your assignment, must be used in the manner instructed
           by the Client and with due care and consideration at all times.

           In the event of failure to return equipment, or in case of willful or negligent damage to equipment, the
           Company reserves the right (by way of your remuneration, bonus or any monies due to you) to deduct
           the cost of such items and reclaim outstanding balance from you. If the property belonged to our Client,
           the money will be repaid to them to cover the cost of the items.

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