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           Welcome to Limited

           Full-time, Part-time, Industrial, Commercial, whatever sector you work in and whatever your role, we are happy to confirm that you’re
           now part of the team.

           And that means we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs as an employee.  This handbook outlines what you can expect from us and
           vice versa.  Pay, benefits, equal opportunities – it’s all here, along with general terms of employment.  Read it carefully and ask your
  Manager if you have any questions.

           As the shop window of our business we ask that you always act and conduct yourself with professionalism and respect for others, that
           way we are definitely on the right road.

  Limited is focused on bringing a new edge in both Technology and People. We believe looking after our people better
           than anyone else, means we keep you happier and in work longer.

           We hope that during the time of your employment with you will become a productive and successful member of the

           We are here to help and work with you, therefore, if you are not happy with us for whatever the reason may be, don’t tell anyone else -
           Let us know!

           Welcome to our team.

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