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           Entitled workers are workers who:
           • Are aged between 16 and 74;
           • have qualifying earnings payable by the employer in the relevant pay reference period that are above the earnings trigger for automatic
             enrolment; and
           • Work, or ordinarily work in the UK and have a contract of employment (i.e. so is an employee and not a self-employed contractor) or
             who have a contract to provide work and/ or services personally (so can’t sub-contract to a third party).

           Opting out

           An eligible jobholder who is automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme may decide to opt out of the scheme.  If you're an
           eligible jobholder, who doesn’t want to join your employer’s workplace pension scheme, you can opt out of the scheme after you have
           been automatically enrolled.

           If you opt out of the scheme within one month of being automatically enrolled, you will be treated as if you had never joined the scheme,
           and any money that you have paid into the scheme will be refunded in full. You'll only receive back the payments that you are deemed to
           have made; you're not entitled to receive the contributions your employer may have made or any tax relief the Government has paid.

           Pensions Provider

           EasyRecruitUK have, since 26  March 2017 changed provider from ‘NOW Pensions’ to ‘The Peoples Pension’.  The Peoples Pension is now
           the largest private sector automatic enrolment pension scheme in the UK with Tens of thousands of businesses large and small.    They
           have  over  2  million  employees  who  are  members.  They  are  backed  by  B&CE,  an  employee  benefits  organisation  founded  in  the
           construction industry over 70 years ago.  B&CE has provided workplace pensions for over 30 years, and now provides pensions to people
           from  all  walks  of  life.  The  People’s  Pension  has  won  a  range  of  awards  for  automatic  enrolment,  product  knowledge  and  customer
           service.  When  you  become  an  eligible  jobholder  and  auto-enrolled,  you  will  receive  a  pack  from  The  People’s  Pension  by  email  (if
           provided) or by post if no email address present.  This will provide you with information about auto-enrolment for you.

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