Avoid The Nightmare Before Christmas
Ian WilkinsonOctober 14, 2016
So here we are, it's the last quarter of the year already. Even though it may seem not that long ago we were celebrating a brand new year, we have nearly reached Halloween, with Christmas and another new year to quickly follow. For employees, this is a fantastic time because it means...
Take an Easy approach to Christmas staffing
Ian WilkinsonNovember 25, 2015
We are all absolutely aware that the Christmas season is fully upon us - barely a month away, in fact.Demand for services becomes super-abundant, particularly in the manufacturing sector. While this is happening, extra business is always seasonally-generated. Marketing campaigns are executed and...
Retailers: Are your staffing plans ready for Christmas?
Ian WilkinsonJuly 15, 2015
You’re thinking it’s only the middle of July, summer is in full swing; why are we talking about Christmas now? Forgive us for mentioning this festive period at such an early stage in the year but if we don’t highlight the problem many retailers suffered in staffing levels last year, history...